Event Property

Are the same values required for both "Total Value" and "Event Value"?

"Event Value" is automatically fill as the value of "Total Value" if "Total Value" is entered. If "Event Value" has a separate value, it will be overwritten by "Total Value".

Event ValueTotal Value
Only "Event Value" is enteredFollows "Event Value"Null
Only "Total Value" is enteredFollows "Total Value"Follows "Total Value"
Both "Event Value" and "Total Value" are enteredFollows "Total Value"Follows "Total Value"

What are the validation specifications for "Custom Event Attributes" that are collected by the Airbridge SDK?


  • String
  • Uppercase, lowercase and numbers are allowed
  • _ and . are allowed
  • Maximum 45 characters

Action, Label

  • String
  • Uppercase, lowercase and numbers are allowed
  • ?,!,,,.,/,&,(,),-,_ and spaces are allowed
  • Maximum 128 characters


  • Float
  • Less than 10 decimal places


When sending postbacks to media channels, filters can be applied based on "Event Category" only. Please utilize "Event Category" to differentiate your events if this is the case.

Event Category: purchase
Event Action: AB180
Event Label: shoes
Event Category: purchase_AB180_shoes


The services provided by Airbridge (e.g. Actuals Report, Raw Data Export) follows the above validation specifications. However, the validation specifications could be different for external targets (e.g. media channel postback, third party solutions) and may result in broken data.

Please perform integration tests to make sure that data is properly received by external targets.