iOS SDK Release Note

v1.25.0 - August 5th, 2022


  • Event transmission interval setting feature


  • Issue where sessions weren't properly measured when applications are force-closed


  • Background events collection

v1.24.5 - July 28th, 2022


  • Compile issue with case sensitive file systems

v1.24.4 - July 21st, 2022


  • Support for app life cycle in SceneDelegate
  • Life cycle events prior to startTracking are now stored in local storage
  • Debug level logs are available
  • Installation through SPM (Swift Package Manager) is available


  • Tracking bug fix with performance improvments

**Known Issue

  • Life cycle events prior to startTracking may be recorded as reoccurring events before session expiration.

v1.24.1 - June 20th, 2022


  • handleNotificationDeeplink function

v1.24.0 - May 4th, 2022


  • Track Internal placement deeplink move event when use function only
  • Use NSError when deliver error on callback

v1.23.0 - April 18th, 2022


  • Add callback to function


  • Solve issue that deviceUUID is sent to server when app is opened with tracking link before startTracking function is called

v1.22.0 - April 4th, 2022


  • Add totalQuantity to ABSemanticsKey


  • Improve placement click UX

v1.21.0 - March 21st, 2022


  • Solve issue that SKAdNetwork function is working before startTracking function call
  • Solve issue that Life cycle event is created before startTracking function call

v1.20.0 - March 15th, 2022


  • Add option to limit storage of event

v1.19.0 - March 8th, 2022


  • Track Deeplink Move Event when URL of in app deeplink is airbridge link


  • Adjust operation concurrent to 1 when sending event
  • Change one of condition of airbridge link, "airbridge string is on query string" to "pair which key is airbridge_referrer in pairs of query"

v1.18.1 - March 3rd, 2022


  • Solve issue that app is crashed when user force close app with rare possibility

v1.18.0 - November 12th, 2021


  • Solve issue that Mac with apple silicon can not build

v1.17.0 - June 16th, 2021


  • isRestartTrackingAuthorizeTimeout option add
  • add
  • add


  • solve issue that session id is lost
  • solve issue that app is crashed when app is opened with Universal Link URL is nil


  • fetch deferred deeplink and apple search ads attribution data after ATT status selection

v1.15.4 - March 10th, 2021


  • Solve issue that dictionary which have nil value is dropped when use setSemantics method on swift.

v1.15.3 - February 15th, 2021


  • Collect token for Apple Search Ads Attribution from AdServices.framework on iOS 14.3+.


  • Deprecate ABUserEvent
  • Deprecate ABEcommerceEvent


  • Solve issue that Facebook Deferred App Links Integration is not working on Facebook SDK 9.0.0+

v1.15.2 - January 8th, 2021


  • Add sessionStartTimestamp


  • Solve issue that last 3 digit of requestTimestamp is become 0.

v1.15.1 - December 17th, 2020


  • Add feature that receive semantic attributes from the Web SDK with dictionary, when using Web interface feature.

v1.15.0 - December 4th, 2020

  • Add callback that get attribution data.

v1.14.5 - November 10th, 2020

  • Solve bug that related with collecting attribution data.
  • Solve issue that setSemanticAttributes method of ABEcommerceEvent is not working.

v1.14.4 - October 5th, 2020

  • Add setter to change semantic attributes using dictionary.

v1.14.3 - September 22nd, 2020

  • Solve issue that only simulator build is worked.

v1.14.0 - September 18th, 2020

  • Add integration of SKAdNetwork
  • Add device.appTrackingTransparency

v1.13.1 - August 25th, 2020

  • Add device.airbridgeGeneratedDeviceUUID

v1.13.0 - August 21st, 2020

  • Add push token send method for uninstall tracking
  • Add default value "native" to sdkDevelopmentPlatform

v1.12.0 - August 5th, 2020

  • Remove filter of Custom Attributes.
  • Add autoStartTrackingEnabled / startTracking

v1.11.4 - July 28th, 2020

  • Solve issue that carrier information is not collected probabilistically in iOS 13.4 and later, iPhone which can use Dual SIM

v1.11.3 - July 27th, 2020

  • Add setSemanticAttributes method to ABInAppEvent class.

v1.11.2 - July 20th, 2020

  • Solve issue that carrier information is not collected probabilistically in iOS 13.4 and later

v1.11.1 - July 16th, 2020

  • Solve issue that Airbridge Universal Link's probabilistic failure to return deeplink to callbacks in iOS 12 and special case.

v1.11.0 - June 24th, 2020

  • Do not send Deeplink Event when deeplink is opened by same app.
  • All Airbridge Deeplink are converted to SCHEME:// and delivered to Deeplink Callback.
  • co.ab180.airbridge.deeplink.scheme and option is removed.

SCHEME can be found on Airbridge Dashboard > Tracking Link > Deep Link > iOS URI Scheme

v1.10.9 - June 9th, 2020

  • Add web interface which get Web Event from Airbridge Web SDK.
  • Fix bugs.

v1.10.6 - May 11th, 2020

  • Key of User Attributes must satisfy ^[a-z_][a-z0-9_]*$ regular expression.

  • Key of User Attributes 's maximum is 128.

  • Value of User Attributes must be NSNumber or NSString. When it is NSString, maximum is 1024.

  • User Attributes 's maximum count is 100.

  • Value of Event Custom Attributes must be NSNumber or NSString or NSArray. When it is NSArray, it's item must be NSNumber or NSString.

v1.10.5 - April 13th, 2020

  • Add integration of Facebook Deferred App Link

v1.10.3 - March 30th, 2020

  • SDK is modified not to hash User ID
  • Fix issue about locale is changed when AppleLanguages in NSUserDefaults is modified

v1.10.2 - January 22nd, 2020

  • User Attributes function is added
  • Log function is added

v1.7.0 - December 26th, 2018

  • The ability to transfer remaining data When app is forced-quit for a period of time has been added.
  • Speed of data transfer is improved.

v1.6.2 - November 13th, 2018

  • A UUID for each goals 's format turn to UUID standard.
  • A new feature has been added: Developer can on/off function that hash-encrypt userID and userEmail.