How big is the SDK?

  • iOS: About 600KB ~ 1MB
  • Android: Less than 200KB

The SDK takes about 20 to 30 minutes to install. Please upload it to your app marketplace after installation. The small size of the SDK minimizes total app size concerns.

The deep link setup guides seem to register several deep links (universal link + app link + scheme deep link). Is this necessary?

Yes, it is recommended to setup all deep links possible for a smooth deep link user experience. Different browsers and application environments process deep links differently, and Airbridge provides the best deep link solution for each environment. Below are some examples of how the Airbridge tracking link reacts to some environments.

EnvironmentContextUniversal Link / App LinkScheme
iOS / ChromePaste URL in browser's address barNot supportedSupported
iOS / Reddit AppClick on a link that was postedSupportedNot supported
Android / FirefoxClick on a link at a websiteNot supportedSupported


Universal links and app links do not use a relay page by default, and therefore provides a smoother user experience than scheme deep links. However, scheme deep links are still need for browsers and apps that do not support universal links and deep links.

What does TRACKING_LINK_v{VERSION} (e.g. TRACKING_LINK_v19.05.09.00) mean?

Airbridge collects data through various tools (SDK, API, tracking links), and the above data is data collected by a tracking link. If data is collected through the API, the value will be shown as something like API_v1.

The actual SDK version will be used for Android, iOS and Web SDKs.