Standard and Custom Events

There are a few advantages using pre-defined event categories when you send events with the SDK or API. The pre-defined "Event Categories" are called Standard Event Categories, and events using these categories are called Standard Events. Events using any other event categories are called Custom Events.

Standard Event Category

It is convention for "Standard Event Categories" to start with airbridge..

Standard Event CategoryDisplay NameDescription
airbridge.ecommerce.home.viewedHome ScreenViewed home screen
airbridge.ecommerce.productList.viewedProduct CatalogViewed product list
airbridge.ecommerce.searchResults.viewedSearch ResultsViewed search results
airbridge.ecommerce.product.viewedProduct ViewViewed product details
airbridge.ecommerce.product.addedToCartAdd To CartAdded to cart
airbridge.ecommerce.order.completedOrder CompleteOrder complete
airbridge.ecommerce.order.canceledOrder CancelCompleted order has been cancelled
airbridge.user.signupSign-upUser sign-up
airbridge.user.signinSign-inUser login
airbridge.user.signoutSign-outUser logout
airbridge.adImpressionAd ImpressionAd exposed
airbridge.scheduleScheduleSchedule an event
airbridge.unlockAchievementUnlock AchievementUnlock achievement
airbridge.adClickAd ClickAd clicked
airbridge.addToWishlistAdd to WishlistAdd to wishlist
airbridge.completeTutorialComplete TutorialTutorial complete
airbridge.achieveLevelAchieve LevelLevel achieved
airbridge.addPaymentInfoAdd Payment InfoAdd payment info
airbridge.initiateCheckoutInitiate CheckoutInitiate checkout
airbridge.spendCreditsSpend CreditsSpend credits
airbridge.startTrialStart TrialStart trial
airbridge.rateRateRate (as in score)


Semantic Attributes for Standard Event Category

There are "Semantic Attributes" recommended for each "Standard Event Category". Please refer to Airbridge Semantic Attributes when sending events.

Advantages for using Standard Events

Below are the advantages when using "Standard Event Categories".

  1. Metrics for each event category is provided in "Actuals Report" (e.g. metrics -> Add to Cart, Order complete)
  2. Values from each event are calculated (e.g. Revenue)
  3. Data for new features and report releases are based on "Standard Events". "Custom Events" may not be supported and will take some time if it eventually does. (e.g. "Revenue" for "Active Users" only reflects the standard "Order Complete" event, purchase events in "Touchpoint Analysis" only reflects the standard "Order Complete" event)
  4. Event categories are automatically mapped when sending postbacks to media or third party solutions.


Standard Events that are collected automatically by the SDK

Events such as "Install (App)" and "Open (App)" are automatically collected events by the SDK. Please refer to Event Category for more automatically collected events.