Server to server method for sending in-app events.



The eventTimestamp must be within 24 hours from the time of sending. The event will not be processed if the eventTimestamp is not within 24 hours.


You must send either device.deviceUUID or user.externalUserID

  1. If the device.deviceUUID can't be fetched from the client side (SDK), you may send user.externalUserID instead. Airbridge will fill in the below parameters based on Airbridge's internal user id matching table. This means that you do not have to fill in the below values if you send user.externalUserID information.

    • device.deviceUUID
    • device.deviceUUIDType
  2. device.deviceModel, device.osName, and device.osVersion must also be sent if you send device.deviceUUID.



The unique eventUUID is used for deduplication. It will be automatically generated if the parameter is empty.


For data that is not applicable to the platform, please send "null" or not send the data field at all. (e.g. Do not send device.gaid for iOS devices)

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