Airbridge APIs enables you to carry out various jobs available on the Airbridge dashboard.

Available Endpoints

Airbridge supports the following resources with the API:

Tracking Link, get, update, delete tracking links.AIRBRIDGE-API-KEY {API-TOKEN}
Actual Report Actuals report to retrieve analytics or store report settings.AIRBRIDGE-API-KEY {API-TOKEN}
Raw Data Export raw data export and get a link for downloading the data.AIRBRIDGE-API-KEY {API-TOKEN}
Attribution Result attribution results for certain mobile devices.AIRBRIDGE-API-KEY {API-TOKEN}


App Name (Unique ID)


Your App Name and API Token can be found at the "Airbridge Dashboard" → "Settings" → "Tokens"

All API calls must include the "App Name (Unique ID)". The "App Name" is generated by the app owner and can not be changed once created.

Please refer to the image above for your "App Name".

API Token

Security Authorization

Every API call is verified by Airbridge through the "API Token" of the Authorization HTTP request header. Below is an example of an Airbridge API call.

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer {API-TOKEN}"

Please refer to the image above for your "API Token".

API Token Types

Airbridge provides two types of API tokens.

  • API Token
  • Tracking Link API Token

The "API Token" is used for all API calls, whereas the "Tracking Link API Token" is only used for generating tracking links. The "Tracking Link API Token" was created due to the need for client-side API calls and external agency use.

Token Generation

The tokens are generated automatically when the app is created in the Airbridge dashboard.
It can be found at the "Airbridge Dashboard" → "Settings" → "Tokens".

Token Regeneration

The API tokens can be regenerated at the "Airbridge Dashboard" → "Settings" → "Tokens".
Please note that the previous API tokens will not work once new API tokens are generated.